About the Show

Media Sound Off is the show of shows. Each week we interview the people on the frontline, creating podcasts, videocasts, and those sickos we call bloggers. As the old media generals gather dust, these warriors are creating media content that is fresh, juicy, and relevant. Listen as Lyle Troxell and Emerson Murray dive into the trenches and dissect the minds of these new media artists.

Emerson Murray

Emerson Murray studied Radio, Television, and Film at San Jose State University. He was host of the highly successful radio show The Five O’Clock Shadow, on KUSP in Santa Cruz, California and was the News Director for one year at KSJS in San Jose.

Emerson is the author of the primary source biography, Bruiser Brody, published by Crowbar Press. He is the host of the cultural podcast, Emerson Calls. He has also created over one hundred independent short films. He enjoys old school professional wrestling, low budget films of the sixties and seventies, the Japanese noise scene of the early 90’s, and learning about Mass Communication. He lives in Santa Cruz, California, and is married with two children.

Thanks to Tom Scioli for the great picture of time traveler, Skye Zanzibar.

Lyle Troxell

Growing up in a small community theater in an artistic family, Lyle, tended to lean towards the geeky side, focusing on lighting, set and sound design, but did spend some time hamming it up. In high-school he bordered many clicks: president of the science club, lead in the school musical, regular gammer, and yearbook photo guy to name a few. Lyle has embraced his geeky side by hosting a weekly technology radio talk show, GeekSpeak, on KUSP.

Lyle holds an associates of science in electronics from Cabrillo College, works at UCSC supporting high tech art in the Digital Arts and New Media MFA Program, is an avid amateur photographer, plays roll-playing games with dice, develops websites and web applications, dabbles with art, and is married and a father of two.